Purell TFX – TFX Touch Free Dispenser

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It’s automatic Sensor releases Purell – so no Touching! Suitable for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical Centers, Schools, Offices, Gyms, Food Service, Public Toilets, near ATMS, actually, they will suit any area! If your a modern and up-to-date facility, then you need Purell for yourself and your customers. Think about it; If your opposition and you are at a level playing field and your customers sees you use Purell, or offer them Purell, what does that say about your business? Your one Step Ahead!

Fits a 1200ml Refill – 1000 Pushes /Releases of Purell = Great Value!
* Touch-free, trouble-free performance
* Three C-size alkaline batteries included
* Dove Grey with matte finish
* Fully ADA compliant, UL/CE registered
* Three-year guarantee
* Dimensions: 26.7cm Height x 15.2cm Width x 10.2cm Depth


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