I-SCRUB 21 ( Charger + Battery + accessories)

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i-scrub™ 21B Small effort big impact.

Save time with mechanical scrubbing Double disc action with the flexibility to even scrub areas in a vertical position. Equipped with an adjustable head & 360° of free-range motion. With a powerful engine that achieves 400 RPM using two discs, it’s a brilliant machine that allows the user to scrub any surface with extreme power. You can manually dose your solution with the push of a button. Easily convert your machine into a handheld unit for polishing, powered by Li-ion battery technology for the same power.

– 360 degrees of motion The adjustable head can rotate in 360° and is so flexible you can clean at any angle, may it be horizontal or vertical. Start scrubbing everywhere and anywhere.

– Dual brush heads We have equipped the i-scrub 21B with two brush heads, for higher mechanical power and cleaning narrow gaps in sturdy areas.

– Centralized controls The in height adjustable telescopic wand is easily controlled at the grip. All of your actions, switches and controls are within the reach of your fingertips

– Manually dose You can manually dose your solution to your satisfaction with the push of a button. Get your areas clean on your own terms.



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