HiFlo nlite 6L full window kit

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Unger HydroPower Ultra DI Filter S – 6L

Introducing Unger’s NEW cartridge system. Guarantees you 50%-60% more usage out of your resin beads compared to the old loose resin systems. Upgrades include stainless steel connectors, removable flo-meter, re-inforced housing and lid. New formulated resin specific to window cleaning.

1. Lightning-fast and simple resin change 2. TDS-Meter: Displays, at the push of a button, whether the Ultra Resin Packs need to be changed.3. FastLock quick-fit fastener: Easy to open and close the tank. Safe, self-locking mechanism with pressure-relief valve. 4. Easily removable cover: Quick and easy changeover. Ultra resin packs can be changed as easily as a coffee pad in a coffee machine.


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