ANTI-BAC FS -foaming det degreaser sanitiser 15L

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ANTI-BAC Food Safe 15L Multipurpose High foaming detergent degreaser sanitiser has excellent grease cutting capability on most commercial and industrial surfaces. Included is a hospital strength disinfectant cleaner with broad spectrum activity against bacteria and heavy duty cleaning ability.

Use ANTIBAC Food Safe at a dilution of:

1:4 for heavy greasy soils
1:9 for medium
1:19 for light

If soiling is very heavy and disinfection is critical, clean first with ANTIBAC Food Safe, then use a fresh solution afterwards to disinfect.
Do not mix with soaps, detergents or other chemicals or deactivation may occur. Suitable for use in foaming applicator and industrial scrubbing machines – effective to clean and disinfect stainless steel food processing equipment.


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