213 Foam Cleanser/non-caustic degreaser x20L AQIS

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213 Foaming Cleanser is a unique high performance non-caustic foaming cleaner degreaser that is worker safe, food-safe and fully biodegradable.

213 is highly concentrated, citrus-boosted and can be applied to any hard surface to remove grime and grease – efficiently and safely.

213 is a true multi-purpose cleaner and is used extensively in food processing, meat processing and butchers; commercial kitchens; food service; commercial laundries; caravan park amenities, bathrooms and toilets; vehicle detailing; workshops and garages, outdoor maintenance and homes.

213 can be used to clean and remove grease and grime from:

  • Greasy floors
  • Walls – removes grime and greasy build up; even removes the residue of tobacco smoke
  • Benchtops and food prep areas
  • Cooktops
  • Recently soiled ovens and grills
  • Exhaust vents
  • Food conveyer belts
  • Meat processing facilities
  • Shower recesses
  • Motor parts, including wheels and engines
  • Greasy, grimy work clothes as a soak or pre-wash spray
  • Outdoor surfaces such as guttering

213 is:

  • A truly versatile cleaner degreaser
  • Non-caustic and safe to use
  • Is AQIS approved and food safe
  • Has a quick-break of less than 30 minutes
  • pH of 11.0-12.0


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