Tennant – T300 Scrub 50cm – disk.

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The Tennant T300 Walk Behind Scrubber is renowned for its innovation and high level of performance on virtually any type of hard surface.

Built to withstand the toughest floor cleaning jobs with durable components that extend machine life, you can expect consistent results with the Tennant T300.

Main Features

  • Multiple head options to fit your cleaning environment.
  • Dynamic new machine electronics.
  • Optional add-ons to minimise water consumption.
  • Built with high health and safety standards in mind.
  • Highly effective scrubbing capabilities.

T300 Walk-Behind Scrubber Specification    
Scrubbing System Single Disk Dual Disk Cylindrical Orbital
Cleaning Path 500mm 600mm 500mm 500mm
Productivity (per hour) 1,388m² 1,697m² 1,388m² 1,388m²
Brush Motor 750w 750w 750w 450w
Brush Motor RPM 230rpm 285rpm 1,065rpm 2,200rpm
Brush/Pad Pressure 23,35,41kg 26,37,44kg 24,27,29kg 29,42,49kg
Solution tank capacity 42L 42L 42L 42L
Recovery tank capacity 53L 53L 53L 53L
Vacuum Motor 24V 470w 470w 470w 470w
System voltage 2x 12V 24v 24v 24v 24v
Run Time (up to hours) 2.5h 3.0h 2.5h 3.8h



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