Spot Free Rinse Aid 15lt – Premium

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  • Effective for use with hard or soft water
  • Eliminates streaking and spotting
  • Safe on plastic-ware and metals
  • Economical
  • Contains anti-scaling agents
  • Colour coded for identification and safety

Why should I buy Spot Free Rinse Aid?

Spot Free Rinse Aid is a powerful rinsing agent that can dramatically reduce the drying time required by washed articles. It is added to the final rinse water of dishwashing machines through a specially designed feeder. Spot Free Rinse Aid also improves the polished appearance of glassware, crockery and cutlery after washing. It effectively eliminates water spotting as well.

How to use Spot Free Rinse Aid:

Spot Free Rinse Aid should be injected into the final rinse water of compatible machines. Highly specialized electronic dosing equipment is required to use this product. A correct amount of Spot Free Rinse Aid should be injected at the right timing during the rinse cycle for it to be effective.


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