Power Peroxide 50% x 20L

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Power Peroxide is an oxygen-based bleach, safe both for colours and whites and for all temperature washes.

Mountain’s commercial laundry range caters for a wide spectrum of commercial, institutional and industrial soils and suits on-premises laundries in hotels, motels, care facilities, salons and spas, and commercial laundries with automatic or manual dispensing systems.

Power Peroxide tackles the toughest stains, and odours – including wine, curry, gravy and sauces, and protein based stains such as blood. Even tackles mildew and mustiness.

Power Peroxide is:

  • Activated by the alkalinity of the wash solution at ANY temperature
  • Works faster at higher temperatures
  • Is biodegradable and eco-responsible
  • Has pH < 3.5.

Use in combination with the following, as suits your facilities and requirements

  • PureClean Commercial Laundry Liquid
  • Breakwash
  • Fabrisour
  • Sour Liquid


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