NPR1515S Swing Floor Scrubber 150rpm w Tank

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The NPR 1515 is a high power machine that will adapt to almost any role.

The NPR1515 features a 1500 Watt Motor that has almost 50% more power than is actually required, this is delivered to the floor through a low load, oil filled 150rpm gearbox, all made from quality components ensuring a long life span.

The extra power the NPR1515 features means this machine can be used for many tasks including floor sanding and scarifying. You can also add additional weights of either 10Kg or 20Kg without the NPR1515 even flinching.

All NuPower machines come equipped with Numatics ATC technology. This system automates torque control by monitoring operational load and where necessary it will increase torque as required to ensure consistent performance with varying load conditions.

Please note the base price is for the machine only.


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