Nilfisk – SWP SW750 Battery Walk Behind sweeper

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The SW750 walk-behind sweeper is quiet and easy to use the sweeper to help you achieve maximum productivity.

This battery-powered, truly versatile sweeper can go anywhere and be used for cleaning everything – from workshops to work sites.

It cleans so silently that it can be used even in the most noise-sensitive areas. At just 59 dbA, the SW750 sweeper is suitable for daytime cleaning without causing a disturbance. Through its ability to be used either indoors or outside, and up to 2 hours run time on hard floors the SW750 deliver high productivity – even with an inexperienced operator.

  • Non-marking traction wheels
  • Very low noise level allows sweeping in noise-sensitive areas
  • Main and side brooms are adjustable
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Adjustable handle


  • Input (Volts): 12
  • Productivity (m2/h – theoretical/actual): 2880/1730
  • Sweeping Path with right side broom (mm): 720
  • Hopper Volume (L): 60
  • Side Broom Diameter (mm): 315
  • Main Broom Width (mm): 500
  • Sound level (dB(A)): 59
  • Operating weight (kg): 68


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