Garbage Bag – 120L 21um 25/Pkt Heavy Duty

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These Tailored Packaging All Purpose Bin Liners are a great option for reducing the mess in your outdoor bins. These bags line the inside of bins and collect the rubbish so that you can easily remove rubbish in 1 go. These bags are flexible and can be tied to a close making them easier to pull out of the bin.
  • These bin liners fit 120 L wheelie bins.
  • These liners are made from low density polyethylene which makes them durable and impact resistant.
  • These liners measure 1100 x 950 mm.
  • The bags are flat packed in plastic packaging for easy dispensing.
  • There are 25 bin liners in this pack so you can stock up at once.
  • These bin liners are black.
  • These liners are heavy duty so you can dispose of a variety of materials.


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