Fibre Pro Carpet & Upholstery Pre Spray x 20lt

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Revolution FibrePro is  an economical high performance, low risk, low pH prespray, spotter and extraction fluid that can be used on carpet and wet cleanable upholstery. FibrePro is a low foaming and free rinsing prespray that has the performance of products with significantly higher pH. Advanced formulation for use on all types of carpet and wet cleanable upholstery. FibrePro has a very pleasant lemon/ citrus frangrance that lingers well after the clean has been completed.

Directions: As a prespray, add 75ml per 5 litres (1:65) in a conventional pump up sprayer for light to average soiling. For regular soiling, add 120ml per 5 litres (1:40) and for heavy soiling, add 160ml per 5 litre. For inline sprayers with an 1:8 metering tip, add 680 for light soiling  through to 1400 ml for heavy soiling to a 5 litre jug. Apply to carpet or fabric in an even spray and apply a more concentrated mix to heavy soiled areas. Allow product to dwell for 10 minutes and then extract.  Ph in use 8.2 to 8.4

As an in tank extraction cleaner, add 50 ml per 10 litres for light to average soiling and 100 ml per 10 litres for heavy soiling.

As a spot cleaner, dilute product between 1 part concentrate to 5 parts water and 1 to 10.


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