Agar Breeze odour masking powerful cleaning 5L

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Additional Information



5L, 20L

pH Level

6.5 +/- 0.5

Product Description

What is Breeze?

BREEZE is a strong odour-masking deodoriser, formulated for washing and mopping heavily contaminated floors and hard surfaces where a powerful residual perfume is desired.

Key Benefits

  • Has a distinctive sweet residual perfume
  • Is a biodegradable detergent
  • Re-odorises through the day

How Does It Work?

BREEZE is a concentrate which is to be diluted with water. It has a powerful combination of detergents and perfumes that enable it to remove grime and dirt and, at the same time, leave the surface perfumed with a lingering, residual fragrance. This helps combat bad odours and lets the people using the facilities know that they have been cleaned.

For Use On…

BREEZE can be used in tiled areas such as bathrooms, polished floors, fittings, glass and walls. BREEZE is especially useful for cleaning problem toilet areas, washrooms and bathrooms. It is also excellent for cleaning kennels and animal enclosures.


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